Percussion/Winds Championships Day 2
April 15, 2023
Millennium HS
Director Information



Percussion/Winds Judges:

  • Music - Terry Sanders, Aaron Tucker, Dan Bryan, Travis Larson, James Hudson
  • Music Effect - Bret Cappelluti, Joe Fant, Joe Roach, Kevin Joseph, Dany Bryan
  • Visual - Joe Roach, James Hudson, Alex Mendoza, Jeff Whipple
  • Visual Effect - Mason Tanquary, Dan Hoffman, James Hudson

Contest Staff:

  • Contest Administrator: Robin Montoya
  • Time & Penalty: Karen Herrera
  • Tabulator: Monica Schiedecker
  • Sound Engineer: Anthony Montoya

Judge and Staff assignments and schedules subject to change.

Ticket Information

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Ticket Prices:

Multi Block Combo Pass - $30

General Admission (1 Block Percussion/Winds Only)- $18

5 and under - Free


  • Wristbands will only allow gym access for a specific block of performances
    • Check standard schedule in the events schedule on this page
  • Masks are highly encouraged at WGAZ events.
  • Limited seats will be available
  • Ticket purchases will be online or through a QR code only
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  • No food or drink will be allowed in the gym
  • WGAZ recommends fans to arrive 30 minutes before scheduled performance times
  • Schedule is subject to change
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Registered Groups
Percussion Scholastic Elementary
Bridges Bobcat Trash Can Band
Coronado Coyote Trash Can Band
Power Ranch Panther Trash Can Band
Percussion Scholastic Concert Junior
Cooley Percussion Ensemble - Purple
77.150 (2)
Cooley Percussion Ensemble - Black
83.450 (1)
Percussion Scholastic Concert A
Highland Indoor Percussion
88.500 (1)
Williams Field HS Concert Percussion - Black
86.450 (2)
Percussion Scholastic Junior High
Santan Indoor Percussion
78.650 (2)
Villago Indoor Percussion
80.625 (1)
Percussion Scholastic Regional A
Combs HS Indoor Percussion
68.950 (3)
Kofa Indoor Percussion
65.975 (5)
Mesquite Indoor Percussion
72.050 (2)
Desert Edge Indoor Percussion
68.350 (4)
Canyon View Indoor
77.225 (1)
Percussion Scholastic A
Perry Indoor Percussion Ensemble
75.6625 (8)
Gilbert Indoor Percussion
77.425 (6)
Rincon University HS Drumline
74.7875 (10)
Hamilton Indoor Percussion Ensemble
83.0125 (3)
Campo Verde Indoor Percussion Ensemble
77.900 (5)
Queen Creek Indoor Percussion
77.300 (7)
Higley Indoor Percussion Ensemble
80.300 (4)
Williams Field HS Winter Drumline
84.600 (2)
Ironwood Ridge Indoor Percussion
75.275 (9)
Horizon Indoor Percussion Ensemble
88.100 (1)
Winds Scholastic Junior High
Horizon Indoor Winds
68.075 (1)
Winds Scholastic A
North Side Winds
78.550 (1)
Youngker Emerald Winds
73.0375 (3)
Barry Goldwater Indoor Winds
73.4625 (2)
Winds Independent Open
83.800 (1)