Each WGAZ unit is required to have a Participating Unit Master Agreement on file prior to the start of the season. This agreement is designed to be a single, comprehensive document that will cover items such as participant protection, copyright, liability, and scholastic eligibility. Please familiarize yourself with all the details of this agreement, including the requirement to share the Code of Conduct and Ethics with all those associated with your unit.

This completed agreement must be on file with WGAZ prior to the start of the season. UNITS that do not have their agreement on file will not be allowed to compete at any WGAZ event with no exceptions and could result in removal from selected show date schedule.


  • If all your performers attend the same school, please complete the Single School Participating Unit Master Agreement. This will be the vast majority of scholastic units.
  • A scholastic unit whose total membership are students from the same school, schools that feed directly into that school, or home-schooled students that reside within the school district boundaries.
  • A authorizing school principal or administrator of the school must sign the Master Agreement and the Scholastic Eligibility Certification letter.


  • In some instances, scholastics unit may be approved to incorporate membership from multiple schools within the same school district.
  • If these scenarios apply to your unit, please complete the Combined Schools Participating Unit Master Agreement.
  • The superintendent of the school district must sign the Master Agreement.
  • Scholastic Eligibility Certification letters must be signed by the principal of each school involved.
  • If you have any questions regarding combined unit eligibility, please email Wardell King (Percussion/Winds Liaison), Ian Hoffman (Winds Advisory) or Brandy Dubose (Color Guard Liaison)


  • If your unit competes in an independent class, please complete the Independent Unit Participating Unit Master Agreement.
  • An officer of the organization must sign the Master Agreement.
  • Independent units will need to submit their proof of liability insurance along with their Master Agreement.

Completed documents should be scanned and uploaded as a single file, and can be submitted in your unit administration page. The deadline to submit your Participating Unit Master Agreement is January 17th. If you have any questions regarding completion or submission, please contact Stephen Goodman.